New Website

Corvid-19 has given us the chance to invest time on a new web.

Upgrading the web is time consuming. After 15 years using our very successful old web, it was time to create a new site. Covid-19 and the reduction of the day trips and tours is a great opportunity to improve the website, therefore when the new normality arrives we will be better and stronger as a company. Getting a new design and learning the new technology is energy consuming and an economical effort.

The new design and structure is easy and clean. But the most important is now you can book through an online form and pay in a secure way by Visa card and through the Stripe system. We hope you you like the web. find the new website easy to use and useful reducing endless amounts of emails.

If you are one of our clients and if you have any comments please write them down here.

We hope you like it.

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