New Covid-19 measures in travelling

In recent times there are lots of traveling restrictions and recommendations. COVID pandemic has changed our life and the way we travelled. However Audouin Birding Tours hopes a new start, once vaccination covers the vast majority of the population. Until then, we follow all the laws and recommendations from the Spanish government. Also we look at the situation in every country where there is one of our tours . We suggest checking WHO web. Therefore you will be updated of the COVID situation. Restrictions are severe in Spain and confinement is down to the municipality and most of hotels and restaurants are closed.

We hope COVID measures will slightly better by spring time. Last summer and autumn, we worked doing day trips. We acquired a good experience without any body getting infected. We required the use of masks during our trips. We recommended the use of FFP2 masks and a second mask covering the FFP2. The vehicle was disinfected by the guide every time the group changed, warrantying your safety when you enter in our vehicle. We will be disinfecting telescopes, tripods and binoculars periodically avoiding possible infections. Windows will partially open improving the ventilation.

Bubble groups

One of the restrictions are bubble groups, therefore we don’t mix clients from different origin. Economically is difficult, as small group (1-4people) has to pay the minimum of 80 euros per half a day or 160 euros for a full day. From 5 and onwards people pay 20euros per person or 40 respectively.

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